Wild Sacred Magic

‘Embracing the wild, the sacred and the magical in the everyday’


Angelika Forray is the creator of Wild Sacred Magic.

Wild Sacred Magic was born out of a desire to live a fuller and more sacred life.

Now a days everything is about quantity over quality. Everything is made abroad in some distant and dark factory. Our connection with our sacred objects has lost its touch. Human beings are feeling disconnected from themselves, from nature and from their reality more than ever.

Angelika has created Wild Sacred Magic with the intention of reconnecting this gap. By creating hand made practical art that can be used with intention to reconnect us with ourselves and with the divine. By nourishing and nurturing this connection with ourselves and our physical world we create an environment that we enjoy living in.

From this place we can feel safe to go within and to reconnect the parts of ourselves that we may have lost along the way. Angelika offers one on one coaching for this purpose to help clients reconnect with their authentic selves and to heal the wounded places.

“Our bodies are not tired, it is our souls that are tired and they are seeking the wild, the sacred and the magical.”

Angelika Forray


Angelika is either creating art, helping clients find their way back to themselves or working on her next book. Please reach out if you would like to connect. You can also follow on the socials below to stay up to date with offerings.


Rise In Love

Sacred Runes

Angelika Forray

Beauty is healing

Angelika in a Hungarian/Canadian that lives in the beautiful coastal mountains of British Colombia. She resides on a small island in the Salish sea. From here she creates her sacred art pieces. Each incredibly unique and made with love. Her desire being that people have quality, hand made items they can use to connect with their aspect of the Divine or to simply enjoy their morning ritual.

Her ancestral Hungarian traditions have been a foundation for her and kept her rooted in these fast and crazy times. Angelika has studied shamanism for over a decade in South America, Canada and Hungary. Her love of all things natural expands into her appreciation of the plants. Reconnecting with her ancestors and the plants has helped her to find health again, reconnect with grandmothers passed and to create self sufficiency. She is an advocate for natural medicine and loves to share this knowledge. “For when we know thyself, we can heal thyself and there is nothing more powerful than having the knowledge to do so”.


She is also the creator of Nourish Me Wild, a company focused on Ayurveda, Shamanism and Natural Medicine. She creates healthy, nourishing recipes and teaches practical ways to stay in balanced with one’s true nature.

Sometimes we need the tools, sometimes we need encouraging words and sometimes we need guidance. In the end we will persevere, but we must follow the subtle urges of our soul to get there.

Angelika Forray
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